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Have you been in the position where you do not know if you took your medication today, and you get to thinking, did you remember the other day as well?

Nutmeg Pharmacy’s Higganum location, has invested in cutting edge technology to provide our clients with a state-of-the-art robotic-filled multiple medication delivery system called ACCU-FILL.

This means we dispense all your medications, including prescription, vitamin, and over-the-counter products in four (4) easy to use cards, each containing a seven (7) day supply.

Each card is designed to dispense medications up to four (4) separate times of the day (Morning, Noon, Evening, and Bedtime)  in a convenient, easy to open bubble pack.

Each card is designed with serrated partitions between each bubble for your convenience.

This allows the client to take just one dose or any multiple of doses if going away for a few hours or any length of days.

Additionally, each bubble is color coded to provide a visual cue for when to take the medications.


These cards are even TSA approved to put in your suitcase or briefcase for vacation or business trip.

Ask about how ACCU-FILL can help you today at our Higganum Store.

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