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Medication Synchronization

Have you been in the position where you do not know if you took your medication today, and you get to thinking, did you remember the other day as well?


Do you feel like your blood pressure or blood glucose is creeping up, and your 30 day supply of medication, is seeming to last a couple of months?


Maybe it is not you, but does Mom &/or Dad seem more confused than normal?


Has the process of handling their prescriptions become more cumbersome?


Have you run out of time to do your normal activities at home, but still have to make time to get to Mom’s to fill her medication tray for the week?


Either way- why don’t you let technology work for you?

Or, maybe you would like to have the convenience of picking up all your medications for the month, at one time in a easy to use pack?


By the way, we can have any inhaler, insulin or cream ready at the same time, maybe along with your favorite toothpaste, shampoo, or moisturizer - one stop shopping!


Spend your time on something else!

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